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The Heart of the Author

Mar 14, 2018

The Heart of the Author

The Weapons of our Warfare: Part 2

by Tom Harmon

"God is not concerned with where you are in your journey of faith as He is concerned with what direction you are facing."

Wherever you find yourself, run to God. Fight the enemy with your big guns, the word of God. Fix your eyes on Jesus, literally fasten yourself to Him. Learn to use the weapons:


Recite the names of God



Find godly comrades

Use the word of your testimony - proclaim what God has done. Speak it out loud by telling others. You need to hear it outside your own head. Rehearse God's faithfulness.

Receive God's amazing grace

Fast - fast from the world and feast on the Word.

Humble yourself. Never allow discontentment to convince you that you deserve better. God won't use you if you are proud. Pride eats us alive and we ought to be afraid of it. All sin can be traced back to pride.

Use the sword of the Spirit to gird up the weak places and tear down strongholds.Use your ammunition:

A clear conscience- The enemy uses guilt and shame to accuse and destroy.

Moral purity - all the "greats" fell to sexual sin

Serve and do good works

Worship with wonder

Keep your will to fight. Grind it out and don't ever quit no matter how hard it gets.

Be thankful

Keep an eye on eternity

Don't allow strongholds: Fear, greed, bitterness, unbelief.

The only thing harder than forgiveness is unforgiveness.

Know the gospel and be able to articulate it because it is true whether people believe it or not. What is the gospel? God's demonstration of His love for us. Don't doubt your salvation after you have believed and received the gospel. Memorize truth from God's word to overcome.