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The Heart of the Author

Jan 3, 2018

As a child we learned all the Bible stories, but did you know? 

They all point to Christ

The Gospel Story Bible 

by Marty Machowski

A great tool for children, and adults, to learn the Old and New Testament truths that show our need for a savior and the coming Messiah. Stories of Adam and Eve, Jacob's ladder and Noah's ark all come together to create  that Aha moment when you realize it's all connected. And it's all about Jesus.

Missionaries use Bible storying in foreign countries. Our own stories are not fragmented pieces with no connection to God's redemptive plan. Our entire lives should be connected to the gospel. Even our trials and personal sin demonstrate God's plan of redemption for His people. The hard part is trusting God with the end of our story. He uses everything for His glory but in the moment when can only see a sliver we forget that God is faithful and He is in control.

Like the Levites, God is our portion and He gives us Himself. He turns our curses to blessings. God can redeem anything if we let Him. We need to view the events of our lives through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we only see a fragment of time, we see despair and ask, "Is the Lord faithful?"

We need a big picture perspective so we can rest in God and trust His plan. 

Thank for listening 

The Heart of the Author

A book club for busy readers and non-readers to find tidbits of truth to lead them closer to the Word.