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The Heart of the Author

Oct 17, 2017


The book club for busy readers and non-readers to find tidbits of truth to lead them closer to the Word.

Co-hosts Vickie Petz Henderson and Jasa Babb answer the question, "Have you read any good books lately?"



Have you ever wondered why God doesn't seem to come through when you pray?
"Some prayers work and some prayers don't"

When we see no evidence of God at work do we persists like Elijah or do we give up?

There comes a time when we should thank God for answering with the same breath. Prayer isn't just, "asking God to do stuff." God invites us to join Him in a cosmic battle. "Prayer should be used like a soldier with a weapon."

When God stretches and strains us, we are driven to our knees, desperate and dependent. We are never the same after we truly encounter change. 

To have an effective prayer life:

1. Think about who God is and His power

2. Think about who we are. Don't pray like an orphan, beggar or slave. Pray like a child of God