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The Heart of the Author

Nov 29, 2017


What is your pain? No matter how deep the wounds, the mile-marker book, "Lord Heal My Hurts" will bring you to a place of wholeness


by Kay Arthur

Desperate for peace, the author fell on her knees and cried out to the Lord. We all experience hurt and pain which then controls our thoughts, our desires, our relationships and our decisions.

Let Jehovah Raphe, the Great Physician, heal you and you will be healed. God redeems all things and makes the broken even more beautiful. Like broken Japanese vases whose cracks are filled with gold, we become whole and useful. Never waste your pain.

God makes the bitter become sweet when we cry out to Him. His scars and ours are a sign of His covenant with us which is woven through the Old and New Testament.

Don't let bitterness take root. Whenever there is pain, bitterness or hurt, run to the Great Physician because God is patient and His forgiveness is sweet.