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The Heart of the Author

Nov 1, 2017


GLIMPSES OF GRACE: Treasuring the gospel in your home

by Gloria Furman

Any of us who have struggled know it teaches us God's grace. As Lauren Chandler states in the foreword, "When you're drowning the last thing you need is 5 easy steps to learn how to swim."

The question to ask is what does the gospel have to do with the ordinary? How does Christ's death make a difference when we are doing the mundane. 

"If God doesn't rule your mundane, then He doesn't rule you." We spend most of our lives doing mundane things, thinking if I could just finish this and do my quiet time. Instead of compartmentalizing God, we should focus on glorifying Him in "whatsoever we do."

Instead we depend on ourselves to "think positive" when what need is the power to change. The power of the Holy Spirit to live a grace-filled life so we can live a grace-spilled life. Because people don't know the gospel and frankly, sometimes we don't understand it either.