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The Heart of the Author

Aug 13, 2017


The book club for busy readers and non-readers to find tidbits of truth to lead them closer to the Word.

Listen to co-hosts Vickie Petz Henderson and Jasa Babb review


By Tony Evans

Are your dreams shattered? Are you in a pit?

"If you want to find your destiny, find God because He is the author of it."

God uses our failures to make us into the people He uses. Our lives take detours so God can place us on the path to our customized life calling. 

"He lets us hit rock bottom so we know He is the rock at the bottom."

In the pit we are stripped of ourselves and learn to trust God completely. Sometimes we wind up in the pit when we do the right thing. We must forgive and accept the process before our rescue comes. 

If you are on a God-ordained detour, God is in the pit with you and He will give you a ministry to people who are going through a similar situation. Deliverance may be delayed because your destiny may not be ready for you. In the end, God suddenly places you where you are supposed to be.