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The Heart of the Author

Jul 17, 2018

How Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Will Transform Your Life

Practice preaching the gospel of Christ to yourself every day, and see how it transforms your life. In this foundational book for Christians, pastor and author Milton Vincent lays out the basic elements of the gospel message and the reasons why we should rehearse them on an everyday basis. Try it, and discover how the gospel's transforming power is not just for the unbeliever or the new Christian, but for every believer in all stages of the Christian walk.

A Gospel Primer for Christians

by Milton Vincent

Do you struggle with sin and guilt and feelings of inadequacy in your Christian walk? Do you sometimes wonder how you will ever please a holy God? The gospel is the only way.

Every Christian knows the gospel. It is the good news of salvation for hell-deserving sinners through the person and work of Jesus Christ. But there is a misconception that the gospel's only purpose is to save the lost. When one believes, then we think the gospel has done its job. This limited view of the gospel as a one-time message cheats us of its full power in our lives.

When Milton Vincent struggled in his own walk with God, he wrote the fundamental truths of the gospel on index cards and began to rehearse and recite them daily. By preaching the gospel to himself, he discovered its transformative power and blessings in his everyday life.

Those index cards became this book of gospel truths along with 31 reasons we should all memorize and rehearse the gospel every day. The gospel is our daily need. It is freedom from sin's power, and it is the power of God by which we are transformed in His glory.