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The Heart of the Author

Apr 11, 2018

The Heart of the Author Podcast

The End of Me

Where real life in the upside-down ways of Jesus begins

by Kyle Idleman

Ask yourself the question, when did Jesus become real to me? Likely it was at a time of suffering or loss. Maybe when we come to the end of ourselves is an opportunity to find God. But getting the me out of me isn't easy. We've known each other a long time and we love ourselves. But we can't keep living for ourselves because we cannot be trusted. 

Pride is the mother of all sins and social media feeds it. We look to the sermon on the mount to see Jesus upside down way of thinking.

Plus as a bonus you'll get advice on how to survive an avalanche!

"What if the whole world is crazy and Jesus has it right."

But we often wear mask and perform, living for others to see. That's a Pharisee life.

You might be a Pharisee if you say...

"You are going to talk to me like that."

"I'm not going to be the one to apologize."

"It's not fair."

"Did you hear about..."

"I don't need anybody's help."

"It's not me; it's you."

If you 

Celebrate someone else's failure

Obsess over the opinion of others

You're utterly convinced your opinion is the only right one

Instead, live one life and live it for real.