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The Heart of the Author

Jun 20, 2018

The Heart of the Author hosts


Chris and Stephanie Teague were married young, but Chris was living a double life. 

He believed the whisper of the enemy, "If I just had...."

You can have your own opinion, but you can't have your own truth. The best device the enemy uses to lead us away from the Lord is to convince us that anything besides God will satisfy us. Chris's sin was apparent, but Stephanie also had to realize her own junk - self-reliance and control.

They recommend people in your marriage who will not take sides, but cheer you on. 

Nobody would sin if it wasn't fun. Chris says sin was fun, but it was empty. If you don't know how the devil is lying to you, you're already losing.

The busyness of life blinds us to the quiet voice of God. Isolation lead Chris to believe he'd be better off without his wife, so he dissolved his marriage. Then he fell flat on his face. God rescued him from the pit of hell, despair, anxiety and depression. He then pursued his (ex)-wife. At first she was unsure, but they involved people in their life that mattered and remarried.

They now share their beautiful story of restoration and redemption.

Chris gives advice about accountability. You must be open and honest about your struggles and have people who speak truth into your life, otherwise you'll be blind to the consequences and a way out. He had to face reality, instead of faking it and becoming the man he thought he was and having the things he thought he wanted. 

He looked for freedom and found bondage. Freedom to sin is slavery. Finally he confronted his own selfishness and God took the most devastating circumstance and made it into something beautiful.

Your answer may not be the one you want, but have faith. There is a purpose.