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The Heart of the Author

Jul 4, 2018



by Jen Wilkin

Are you seeking God's perfect will on big issues or for your life?

What if the better question is not what should I do but what should I be?

God is more concerned with the decision-maker than the decision

Get up early and be with the Lord, be in the Word, be in prayer, be obedient, spend time with Him

Seek first His kingdom..

Trials make us more Christlike.

Stop making a big deal about little decisions and being terrified of making a mistake. Instead embrace God's gifts, enjoy the Lord and trust He is good. God is not so mysterious that He sends us on a lifelong scavenger hunt to find His will.

Seek God and find out who He is instead of trying to figure out who you are. When we focus on actions without focusing on our heart we become better behaved people.

God wants to be our good life, but we look for satisfaction outside of Him, then we ask Him to bless it.

God doesn't want to change your circumstances; He wants to change you. Not so you can make better choices but so you can be better people.

There is no shortcut to being Christlike.