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The Heart of the Author

Jun 6, 2018

The Heart of the Author

A book club for busy readers and non-readers to find tidbits of truth to lead them closer to the Word.

How to Ruin Your Life

Starting over when you do

by Eric Geiger

Ruin doesn't have to be the end of your story. God's grace is greater than the deep regret of self-destruction and He wants to restore. Even David, the man after God's own heart ruin his life when he drifted into disobedience and refused to repent. He became the man he swore he would never be.

"Sin always makes us stupid, numbs our senses and drives us to foolishness."

None of us are above imploding and ruining our lives. Here's the recipe: isolation, boredom and pride. If you want to ruin your life isolate yourself, ignore boredom and believe in yourself. You are headed for destruction if you reject friends who hold you accountable, want something more and feel you deserve more. The desire to numb pain and avoid pressure causes isolation. So does independence. Sin shuns the light and community confronts. Don't shun it.

Boredom is unholy discontent. Restless hearts seek fulfillment in things that fail to satisfy. But God's love is better than life itself.

Pride is the chief sin and it paralyzes. Consider it a warning if you resent accountability, negotiate with God, or respond in anger to truthful confrontation. Instead, David covered up and went deeper into sin.

If you want to start over....

1. Confess. "How we respond when confronted on our sin reveals who we really are." If you make excuses, protest and point out others faults, you are not ready,.

2. DO NOT follow your heart. David's heart was the issue. 

"Follow your heart is cruel advice"

An implosion can be the best thing to happen if the ruin brings you to God with a new heart, a new life and forgiven.

3. Surrender. Never waste an implosion. Quit blaming others and offer sin to the Lord. Have no self-confidence in your ability to change.

4. Rejoice. Celebrate the great exchange. Carrying your own sins is miserable, but God loves you and offers to take them in exchange for His righteousness.

5. Look to Him. Wholly dependent on Him. Memorize Psalm 51 and 52 and rehearse them over and over.

Don't ruin your life. Start over if you do.