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The Heart of the Author

Jul 5, 2018


Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

By Louie Giglio

We all have giants in our lives that hold us back — fear, rejection, anger, comfort, addiction. Rather than facing them, we say, “Well, that’s just the way I am.” 

But Jesus didn’t die on the cross and resurrect from the grave so we could settle for a reduced amount of God’s best. 

God is greater than our giants. We know this. We pray for Him to take them away, but in doing so, we are still focused on our problems. 

Instead, if we turn our eyes to God and worship Him as our refuge and our defender, then we see the truth. The giant is already defeated. Jesus accomplished the victory on the cross. 

The giant is dead, but it can still be deadly if we listen to its taunts and believe its lies. What do you do when Goliath starts taunting you? Get a bigger slingshot? Practice your accuracy on smaller targets? No. You are not the giant slayer. Jesus is. 

Worship God and focus on Him instead of your giants. Worship is the soundtrack that leads us to victory, and ultimately, this is a book about worship.